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Iridescence Collection™ : 24 Karat Gold Skin Illuminator Set

24 Karat Gold Skin Illuminator Set

24K Gold Primer, 9.99
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ManufacturerLes Noblesses

24 Karat Gold Skin Illuminator


This set features a skin illuminating serum and pure 24 Karat Gold sheets. The illuminator can be used as a booster, a primer, a highlighter and a finisher depending on the individual preference. (Up to four applications)


As a booster, apply after cleansing.


As a primer, apply prior to applying makeup foundation to highlight golden undertones.


As a highlighter, apply after foundation to emit golden highlights.


As a finisher, apply in desired locations to capture light.


24 Karat Gold Skincare Benefits:


A strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect


Stimulates collagen synthesis


Moisturizes and nourishes skin


Delays wrinkles formation process


Provides desirable illumination and highlights by enhancing skin's radiance.


Organic, Paraben-free, all natural.



Directions: First apply serum to skin, followed by gold sheets in four corners of the face (left cheek, right cheek, forehead, chin). Massage into skin and the gold elements will dissolve into skin creating an amazing radiant highlight and golden illumination.




We recommend you choose your gemstone serum based on your underlying skin tone (cool versus warm).



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